Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Tree

This year, we're trying something new in hopes of getting a fresher tree. We ordered one from North Carolina. It was supposedly cut on Thursday and we received it Saturday. We'll see if it stays fresh longer.

It arrived via FedEx:

Scott was away, so Ryan and I thought we'd surprise him and set it up ourselves.

Is it me, or does Ryan look a whole lot older in this picture?

I am definitely not as good at getting it into the tree stand and getting the lights on.

Tonight, after Scott arrived home, we trimmed it:

And the angel on top. Jillian was already in bed, but hopefully it will be her turn to do this next year!

We also put it in a different place this year, with lowere ceilings, therefore a shorter tree. I think I am pleased with the results.

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