Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010 (aka New Year's Eve!!)

Our annual Christmas party with our college friends became a New Year's Eve shin-dig this year. We partied with two newbies: Ezra:

and Nolan:

But all the older ones were still here, too:

There was a great deal of dancing:

The young ones rang in an British New Year so they could go to bed at a decent time (and so their parents could have a little bit of quiet time together!). Ryan was ready with his sparkling grape juice:

Deb and Jason brought a box full of balloons and confetti to drop on the kids:

And finally it was time!

Can you tell what Shelby, Harper and Ryan are trying to do?


Jason, who is a college science professor, brought some of his "magic" tricks to amuse the kids. Ryan pulled the cloth out from under the cup:

Then he made the ketchup packet in side this bottle go up and down:

Then it was Mark's turn to amuse the kids. It was really quiet upstairs and when we went to check, the kids were helping Mark with a driving game. Zoe was steering, Ryan was braking, and Ketzel was accelerating:
Then he read them a bedtime story:

And they had a slumber party!

The grown ups enjoyed the quiet time after the ids went to bed and rang in the east coast New Year (although we stayed up for Memphis's New Year, too!) together!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maryland Basketball!

The boys traveled down to Collee Park to see Maryland play tonight:

I believe it was Scott's first game in Comcast and I know it was Ryan's. They got together with our friends Mark and Chris while they were there:

And texted pictures back to us girls at home:

A Walk on the MA & PA Trail

I wanted to go for a walk in the woods. My sister-in-law wanted to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We compromised by walking on the MA & PA (that's Maryland and Pennsylvania) trail.

There was a little snow and ice left:

Jill was a great sport, walking lots of the trail herself!

We ended up at Annie's park and played for quite awhile.

Beautiful winter's day!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

How do you hold up the number of fingers you are once you turn eleven? Here's one way:

Or you could get a little help from your cousin:

Either way, Rachel is turning 11 in two days, and since we will be heading home by then, we celebrates today. We got cupcakes from a new local shop and sang to the birthday girl:

which everyone seemed to enjoy:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beatty Family Christmas

We headed up to Maryland the day after Christmas and had a tough go of it the first night, hitting snow on the plateau around Crossville, Tennessee. We were hopeful for some snow in Baltimore; we brought all our snow gear and the new sleds! Day two of our drive began in about 4 inches of snow in Abingdon, Virginia. Turns out we should have gone sledding there because it was pretty much all gone by the time we got to Northern Virginia! Meanwhile, Scott's parents had to delay their trip up to Baltimore because they had 10 inches!!

We finally all got together today for a Christmas celebration! The grandkids wait for their gifts from Grammy and Grandad:

And then they open them. I don't have any pictures, but they all got LLBean rolling duffles with their names on them.

Someone being cute by the Christmas tree:

What's this?

Oooh! Packing peanuts! I bet I can...

throw them!

Casey got to join us because it was impossible to get down the kennel's driveway!

Ryan and Uncle Mike play air hockey:

The girls do play-doh:

The boys play the Wii:


The girls:

The boys:

Uncle Mike entertaining Jillian:

And Scott getting silly, too!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

It all started with an awful lot of people in our bed! Ryan spends the night in our room Christmas Eve, Jillian joined us when she woke up, and Katy couldn't pass up the party!

The kids came out:

They checked out santa's note first. Jillian finished up the cookie he didn't get to:

This is a tradition I got from my sister-in-law...we started the morning with the Christmas story. I was going to use one of the sripture versions, but Ryan brought home a kids version, so he and I practiced all week and he read it to us this morning:

And then, finally, it was time for Santa's gifts:

One thing Ryan asked for, a Maryland sweatshirt:

Jillian got some Tinkerbell pj's from Aunt Gus:

Mom got a new camera:

and we got to be her very first picture:

Scott stuffed my stocking with all sorts of odds and ends. These are things I think make great stocking stuffers (lotion, candy, little things) until I found out he had gotten them all from my own bathroom cabinet! :)

Ryan got Scott a book of family wood project plans:

Ryan made me a handprint wreath wall hanging:

Santa brought Jillian a little people car:

And Nanny & Gramps got her...

a little people doll house!

Whew! That was a whirlwind! Notice a few unwrapped things on Jillian's chair? She was into playing with each gift she opened, so we'll just save those til tomorrow. Or maybe her birthday!

I always felt a bit unfortunate because we have to travel over the holidays to be able to see all of our family. However, I learned this year that I don't have to travel at all on Christmas day and that makes for a very relaxing day. A day you can stay in your pj's all day if you'd like!

So, we stayed home and played:

The kids in their new tent:

Jillian and her new baby stroller (she is SO into babies right now!):

Ryan making pot holders (thanks Aunt Gus!):

And my favorite shot of the day...hope we get some snow to try these out!