Sunday, November 14, 2010


My friend Carrie and I have been biking together almost every Sunday since summer. She's been doing a lot of biking on her own, I have jogged in the past, and we both thought that if we really wanted to get motivated, we needed to enter a race.

We ran a 5k October 2, she ran another, then we ran one together again today.

I use the term together rather loosely since she kicks my a$$! She is down to 25 something while I cannot get below 32. And I am the one who's been jogging for years (although not super-consistently). I am very proud of her, though. She's thinking about running a half marathon in December. She's a bada$$!

Anyway, at least it's some motivation. And at least I can still beat her mountain biking (so far!). :)

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