Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween season kicked off with carving pumpkins:

And on Halloween, we got back from Maryland just in time to put on our costumes and go trick-or-treating!
Captain Hook and Tinkerbell:


A few decorations:

Scott, Ryan, and Jillian went around with some neighborhood friends:

Jillian did great, going to a few houses with Scott and Ryan:

She came home early and helped me pass out candy before going to bed. THe boys returned a bit later and Ryan examined his booty:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Babygate 2010!

The main reason for the Maryland trip was to see all of these folks and go to Maryland's homecoming game!

Some first time babygaters, Nolan and Ezra (with their respective daddies):

Jillian learning corn hole:

The "babies":

And everyone (big crowd this year!):

On to the game:

Shane came in costume and got laughs, girls, and photo requests:

Those who braved the chilly weather and the climb to the upper deck were rewarded with a 62-14 trouncing of Wake Forest:

Plus, the Mighty Sound of Maryland (who just won $25,000 from CBS for playing Hawaii Five-O) did a Michael Jackson tribute including "Thriller" where the whole band did the Thriller dance! It was so cool!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Trip to Maryland

I flew with both kids by myself up to Maryland for the first time. We drove to Nashville, spent the night and flew out from there (I hope Southwest comes to Memphis soon!!). The kids did great!

My favorite was after we got our bags in Maryland (which was the part I was most nervous, but thankfully least rushed about). I was carrying the rolling duffel and Jillian's car seat. Ryan was carrying his booster seat. Not many hands left for Jillian to hold. So Ryan told her to help him carry his seat. Wish I had a picture of how cute they were walking together each holding one arm of the booster.
We had lunch and visited with Mom-mom:

Then it was back to BWI to pick up Scott who flew up from South Carolina where he'd been for a meeting. His plane was a little late, so we got to meet him at security. They had this cool map that you could see where the flight actually was (he was DL 1424):

We hung out at BWI's cool observation area where they had plenty of cool stuff to keep us busy!

Then it was on to Bel Air! We got to spend a little time with the cousins, making a leaf pile:

Unfortunately, it was a pretty quick tip this time, but we look forward to going back up after Christmas!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Playing Uno with Nanny

Ryan got a new UNO game for his birthday and we were eager to try it with Nanny. Ryan, was just eager to be silly.

Nanny and Gramps Visit

Nanny and Gramps came to visit us for a week! We did lots of ordinary everyday kind of stuff (they ot to spend lots of time with Jillian while Ryan and I were at school!), but we also went to the agricenter's farmer's market today and got some pumpkins and fun fall pictures.


Friday, October 22, 2010

The Strikers

Another soccer season is almost through and it's been a good one! Best oart: due to the lack of rain (not good), they have not had to cancel a single game!

The Fall 2010 Strikers:

And my little MVP:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

While I was away...

Ryan had a class field trip:

Scott and the kids built this:

And I got lots of little texts like this:
Missed my little family!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Solo Trip to Maryland

I traveled to Maryland alone this weekend for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in Baltimore. Got some great ideas and got to hang out with my good friend Jenny and her family:

Also got some old friends together for a small happy hour.

My Mom and Aunt happened to be in town for their high school reunion, so I got to see them, too! All the ladies had dinner at Jennings in Catonsville:

And on Sunday, Katy and I drove down to Skyline drive for some short hikes.

The one to Compton Peak was on a little tiny piece of the Appalachian Trail.

Not quite peak color, but still beautiful!

Love me some white blazes!