Monday, September 06, 2010

Another Weekend at the Lake

We didn't go to the lake all summer. Hadn't been since April (and when I saw the title of that post, I just had to change the title of this one). With the boat in the shop, we hung out at the cabin:

Laid in Harley's doggie bed:

Caught a frog:

Which Ryan kindly let his sister hold:

She wasn't frightened at all! Good girl!

Scott got a ringer in wash shoes! Only the second time I've ever seen it!!

Without the boat, we went down to the water in the neighborhood for the kids to play. And Mommy to take pictures.

On the beach:

In the water:

And in the sand (funny, we found this cup on the beach and it had a hole in the bottom of it. didn't stop J from trying to fill it up!):

Since it was cooler out of the water than in it, we all ended up like this:

We rented a boat one day and had a blast!

Jillian still loves standing at the front of the boat while we're going and feeling the wind in her hair!

Stylin' in Mama's sunglasses:

And in her own:

And we tubed! Here's me:

The spray was the worst part:

Ryan was a bit more frightened this time (he did it with us 2 years ago), but we finally got him on:

And Scott:

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