Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Golf Outing

Scott picked Ryan up from school today and took him out on the greens for the first time! They played 9 holes at Quail Ridge and it went really well!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

ASM activities

We spent the day doing activities revolved around Scott's company. First, we checked out a festival in Convington that one of his facilities had a booth at. Had a good time wandering through stores on Covington's Town Square, winning Ryan a new fish, and taking some pictures:

Then it was off to Collierville for his company's picnic. The kids ran around, played on the playground:

And, with the help of some of Scott's managers, we found our first geocache!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Heard on the radio that wed be able to see Jupiter somewhere near the full moon tonight, so I had to check it out. It's the small dot in in the bottom right of the photo. Makes me wish I had a good telescope.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Long-awaited Greenline!

There was an article in the Commercial Appeal saying that, although the trail was not open yet, it was paved and folks were using it. That's all I needed to get the whole family out for a bike ride.

I rode the BWI trail, the B&A trail, and the NCR trail back when we lived in Maryland. I LOVE these kinds of trails. The way they snake through areas you might otherwise never see. The way they are bike and pedestrian safe. The way they are mostly flat.

We started at the penetentiary (there's a good parking lot there):

This is the bottom lands around the Wolf River, and up ahead is the 240/flyover overpass:

My biking family:

I cannot express how happy I am that Shelby County has made this a reality!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tiger's Game

Scott had the great idea to go to the Tiger's game tonight and our friends, the Hollingsworth's agreed to do a mini tailgate with us. We picked up some BBQ and sat in the parking lot of the Children's Museum for about an hour before the game. It was a great area for the kids to run around.

It was the Tiger's home opener and their first win of the season!

Jillian and Claire:

The whole gang (Gretchen, Claire, Ryan, Jesse, and Lance):

And, because I don't get in here much, here's one Gretchen took of me:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Girl Swing

Ryan got Jillian up into the big kid swing today. She held on fine and he was a great big brother pushing her, but not too much!

Happy girl:

Little feet:

Another Season of Soccer!

This fall marks Ryan's sixth season of soccer! He finally moves up to the kindergarten group which means 5 players on the field and a goalie. Less playing in a pack and more playing offense and defense. Luckily we still have many of the same kids and the same coach we've had.

Lining up afterwards and the tunnel:

Goat Days

Scott took the kids to Goat Days on Friday night and Saturday where they have all sorts of fun activities (no more anvil shooting, Cory), and of course they have goats:

And fake goats:

Scott's Millington facility had a booth, and he and Jillian wanted to go support them:

He got Jillian to pose everywhere! A fire truck:

Funny signs:

A tractor:

And something you might only see at a southern festival:

Saturday, it was Ryan's turn:

He participated in a tractor race:

And won a ribbon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

SG Football!

Ryan and I went down to St. George's for a football game and he had a mini-reunion with some of his old classmates:

McKinley, Ryan, Lauren, Reagan, and Helen.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Redbirds in the playoffs!

I am in sports heaven! My high school football team is winning, the volleyball team coached by my good friend is winning, and our local minor league team made it to the play offs to defend their championship title!

We went to the game tonight. Jillian is learning "Charge!"

Go Redbirds!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Another Weekend at the Lake

We didn't go to the lake all summer. Hadn't been since April (and when I saw the title of that post, I just had to change the title of this one). With the boat in the shop, we hung out at the cabin:

Laid in Harley's doggie bed:

Caught a frog:

Which Ryan kindly let his sister hold:

She wasn't frightened at all! Good girl!

Scott got a ringer in wash shoes! Only the second time I've ever seen it!!

Without the boat, we went down to the water in the neighborhood for the kids to play. And Mommy to take pictures.

On the beach:

In the water:

And in the sand (funny, we found this cup on the beach and it had a hole in the bottom of it. didn't stop J from trying to fill it up!):

Since it was cooler out of the water than in it, we all ended up like this:

We rented a boat one day and had a blast!

Jillian still loves standing at the front of the boat while we're going and feeling the wind in her hair!

Stylin' in Mama's sunglasses:

And in her own:

And we tubed! Here's me:

The spray was the worst part:

Ryan was a bit more frightened this time (he did it with us 2 years ago), but we finally got him on:

And Scott: