Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the fifty-sixth day of summer...

we decided to get out and do some of the things we wanted to do in the Asheville area.

Unfortunately, Marcy had a bad night last night, and may need to stay in the hospital through the weekend to fight the infection she's got. The places we went today were some that she had really hoped to go, so it made it hard. But, we wanted the kids to have some good memories of this vacation, so three adults and six kids headed out.

First stop: Chimney Rock:

It's amazing the rock that outcrops on the tops of the mountains in this area!

We took the elevator to the top (26 stories) which ended up being a good choice because there were plenty more steps awaiting us later!

Rachel and Matt (that's Lake Lure in the background):

Kate, Cheryl & Alex:

Me, Jillian, Scott and Ryan:

Rachel and Ryan:

The kids before heading up to the highest spot, Exclamation Point:

Rachel and the Devil's Rock:

Ryan with all his new hiking gear, was ready to go!

Matt (far background), Ryan and Kate at Exclamation Point:

Everyone else taking a break at the top:

It was a hot hike up, but the breeze and the view were worth it!

On the way down, half opted for the elevator again, and the other half of us took the steps. This made me very glad we had not taken these steps up! Jillian fell asleep in the back pack:

We happened upon a small cave:

Kate and Matt in the cave (it was tiny, but if you looked over that white fence, it was a huge chasm!):

Then we went down even more steps and headed out on a trail to Hickory Nut Falls. The kids kept climbing up the sides of the trail:

Hickory Nut Falls:

We had lunch in the meadow, then headed out to cool off at Lake Lure. Jillian finally decided she likes sand!

Thanks to my last visit with my mom, we had a beach ball to play with:

Everyone in the lake:

And a little chicken-fighting (until the were whistled down by the lifguards):

Jillian had fun swimming, too!

Then, there were the waterslides! Ryan:




and Matt:

Not everyone rode the waterslides:

All, in all, a great day!

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