Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Someone now needs two hands...

to show you how old he is!

It was a great day, starting with Jillian giving Ryan some birthday, glitter silly bands (cool red chair he is sitting in was birthday gift from Aunt Katy to match the green one she got Jillian that Ryan swooned over!):

Then there were pancakes for breakfast (complete with candles and singing):
I hear that there was more singing at Vacation Bible School. After which we took his friend from VBS (& church), Ainsley, out to McDonald's for lunch and some playtime.

After a dinner with our friends Melissa and Mason at Stevi B's, we went back home for cake, more candles, and more singing. Ryan was very set on getting Jillian to help him blow out his candles:

I forgot to post a picture of the back pack I tried to get Ryan to buy at the LL Bean store in MD. He preferred the red one on his back (and hasn't really put it down since we bought it!):

His other gift was a fish tank, which we will soon fill with some fish that he can pick out:

Mason stayed the night and it was a great birthday!

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