Thursday, July 01, 2010

On the thirty-sixth day of summer...

things did not go exactly as we planned.

We were supposed to drive out of the way a bit into North Carolina to check out a potential property for a storage facility, then drive the rest of the way to Maryland.

But Scott hurt his neck this morning. And we dropped him at a chiropractor in Sparta, NC, while we went to take pictures of the potential storage facility. Then we drove all the way back to pick him up, and have lunch, then back to a highway that would get us back on the way, then sat in traffic.

And an 8 hour drive turned into an almost 12 hour drive. On day two of being in the car.

And Ryan was cranky.

And Jillian wouldn't take a nap. But she would cry.

And I vowed that if the trip home and our next summer trip didn't go smoother than this, we might not be doing this again until Christmas.

But we made it!

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