Sunday, July 04, 2010

On the thirty-ninth day of summer...

we sent Daddy back to Memphis, had lunch at Five Guys with Nanny and Gramps, bought some peach wine, went swimming, and then went over to Joe and Kathy's for a little more cousin time!
We played with and kissed our cousins:

We played some hockey:

We took some patriotic family pictures. The great-grandkids:

Liz, Kirk & Logan:

Sarah, Jason, and Jacob:

Aunt Sandy, Uncle Kirk and Jacob:

(BTW: for all my friends, these are the California family I am always talking about)

I also got this one of Jillian and doctored it up a bit:

Then it was off to Columbia Mall for the fireworks. All those rows in the mall parking lot...we could have turned down any one of them. But the one we happened down happened to be the same one that our good friends Larry and Lauren were parked in with their kids! Emily, Larry, and baby Nolan:

It was so good to see them! Emily, Ryan, and Wesley:

Glad the company was good, because the fireworks left a little to be desired

and the traffic getting out was crazy (as we knew it would be) and Ryan was grumpy. Oh, well, you can't win them all!
As we waited in traffic, Katy commented, "If Scott were here he'd pull out the football."

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