Saturday, July 03, 2010

On the thirty-eighth day of summer...

we attended the 2010 Roth Family Reunion.

This is my maternal grandfather's family. He was one of four, who led to the four branches of the family...

The Linsenmeyers

The Cannons

The Roths

And a slightly more complete Roth family picture:

and the Holdens

We also classify everyone my generations. My grandmother and my great-aunt (my grandfather's youngest sister) are the remaining matriarchs of the Golden generation:

Then there's the Red generation:

The Black generation:

and the Blue generation:

It's fun to compare these pictures over the years. This year we had 99 people attend from as far away as California, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Massachussetts!

We made new friends (and caught up with distant cousins)

broke open a pinata

played corn hole (is that the right name?)

and had a talent show (first the judges, then a very brave cousin who sang, "You Belong to Me" and won!)

My family sang a song, but it's a few minutes long, so I have to see if I can get it posted here through You Tube.

We also drank, ate crabs, visited, laughed, and promised to stay in better touch ("I'll friend you on Facebook!"). Ryan, Katy, and I stayed almost to the very end helping to clean up a bit. It was a wonderful day!

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