Wednesday, July 07, 2010

On the forty-second day of summer...

we spent the day with Cory, John, and Noah!

We brought Noah some of Ryan's old clothes and Noah put them on immediately (like the shoes?). He then demonstrated a tennis serve to me:

It's always fun to play with new toys!

While Cory was at work, we went to the Children's Museum.
We picked berries:

Rode on a whale:

Climbed on a playground:

Created some art:

Dug (in plastic sand!) for treasure:

Rode a train:

And smooshed faces up on the window on the pirate ship:

When Jillian and Noah laid down on the pillows, we knew it was time to head out:

It was hot outside, so the kids went for a dip:

And the best part of the day for me was John's awesome dinner and then after the kids went to bed and Cory and I took a walk for some ice cream!

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