Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the forty-fifth and sixth days of summer...

we hosted Ryan's first slumber party!
The evening started with some water fun! Water balloon tossing:

Sprinklers, and then the water guns:

Scott wins "Daddy-of-the-Year" award for letting the boys ambush him all evening!

They sat on the warm driveway to dry off a bit.

A little soccer:

And then CAKE:

The whole gang: Parker, Lucas, Ryan, Jared, Kyle, Jack.

It wasn't dark enough (or cool enough) yet for flashlight tag or s'mores, so we got the movie started. Alvin and the Chipmunks. Calm boys:

Dancing boys:

After the movie, back outside for s'mores:

And flashlight tag:

Then back inside to sleep.

Believe it or not, I think they were all asleep around 11 and no one woke up during the night! Ryan was the first one up at 6:30 (typical).

Ryan, Jared and Jillian helped with the pancakes:

And then we ate them!

Jillian helped unwrap some presents:

Ryan, too:
Here's the ony real "Trouble" we had during the party...the game from Parker that the boys played Sunday morning:


Katy said...

Looks like a fun party!
That sleeping bag looks familiar!

JenniferL. said...

Kyle had so much fun! He still talks about flashlight tag.