Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the fifty-third day of summer...

we are officially on vacation! I know we have done a great deal of traveling this summer, but, this is our true vacation. A getaway that isn't just to see people, but to visit a cool place (Asheville, NC) and do some fun stuff!

The trip got off to a rough start this morning, as my sister-in-law went to the hospital with abdominal pain. She will be having her appendix removed this evening, and we hope to have her back with us soon!

This trip is with Scott's family (us and one of his sisters plus her hus band and two kids in one cabin, and his parents, other sister, husband and two kids in the cabin next door) and some family friends came to spend the first couple days with us, too!

While we waited for them today, we biked a bit and went swimming at the indoor pool.

Once they arrived and after we'd had dinner, we played with balloons.

They were a bit tricky to inflate:

But easy to release:

And some just watched:

or videotaped:

as they flew through the air:

A few were lost in the brush (or on the roof) and had to be fished out:

Then, we had a few birthdays to celebrate...Ryan's:

and Uncle Gene's:

The view from our decks was beautiful (I'm sure I'll have more pictures as the week goes on) and tonight we watched as a storm rolled over the distant mountains, right up to us!

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