Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the fifty-seventh day of summer...

Scott took the kids fishing in the morning, then Cheryl and I took the kids to Fun Depot.

It was awesome! There was something for all the kids to do! Jillian wanted to sit on these rides:

But apparently she didn't want them to run. She liked it much better when they stayed still:


There was also a play area:

Where Ryan, Jillian and I were when the girls were on the climbing wall:

Rachel and Kate:



Ryan tried batting cages for the first time. The slowest speed was 40 mph and that was still too fast! He was a good sport and actually got a piece of two balls!

Everyone rode the bumper cars:

Jillian watched for Aunt Cheryl and Kate:

As they came around in their go-kart:

Matt, Alex, Ryan and I did the go-karts, too. The kids played some arcade games:

The final activity was laser tag:
After this, we split up. Some went to visit Marcy and the rest of us headed home. Kate, Ryan and I saw this on the way home:

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