Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On the fifty-fifth day of summer...

Scott, his dad, Mike and Matt went out to play golf. Cheryl and I are realizing more and more that we are a few adults short for the trip now!

Some of the remaining kids watched Space Buddies:

Then we split up, some going to the hospital to visit Marcy, the rest of us going with my parents to the Western North Carolina Nature Center. It used to be a zoo, but now just cares for local animals.

Jillian was into climbing these stone steps all by herself:

But she accepted help from her cousin Alex when it came to going down the slide. He is so good with her and Ryan!

Ryan chased a peacock:

And then we all went into the butterfly exhibit. They sprayed our fingertips with sugar water to get the butterflies to land on them.
Which shot do you like better? This (love the contrast between the blue and orange):

Or this:

Ryan got one (love how J's looking up at (to) him):

So did Jillian (with a little help):

Another one for Ryan:

Then it was off to the farm. Jillian still had no problem petting the animals:

She also now knows that the sheep says "baa."

Got some cute shots on the tractor:

We got to see them feed the black bears and it was interesting because they put the treats in boxes giving the bears a little more challenge to get them:

Next, some reptiles. Turtles, who didn't get scared into the water when we walked by:

Alex is as tall as an Eastern Kingsnake is long:

Later, back at the house, Dad played some pool (both cabins had pool tables):

And the kids got in the hot tub (for a short dip):

Marcy's been doing a lot of walking today and she might be discharged tomorrow! Cross your fingers!

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