Friday, July 23, 2010

On the fifty-eighth day of summer...

Grammy & Grandad played golf, the remaining Sprouse's and Foley's went rafting on the French Broad River and the little Beatty's went horseback riding...all of us!

Because of age limits, we couldn't all go rafting, and this awesome farm let all ages ride, so we strapped Jillian in an ergo and headed out! Ryan rode on Becky and was led by our guide (also on a horse). Jillian and I rode Rosie:

It was a large group, but we were the only ones on the one hour ride. That was plenty of time for us...#1, it was hot; #2, we didn't know how Jillian (or Ryan for that matter) would do. Everyone did well, although Jillian kept fussing on the downhills.

The views were amazing...felt like we were in The Sound of Music:

Some cows in our trail:

Almost back:

Family photo:

Scott's horse was Chico:

When we got done, Scott said, "Wouldn't it be fun to try to intercept everyone else?" So with the help of my iphone map, we found the spot where the rafters "pulled out." We hung out and waded and waited for our family:

And, finally, they arrived:

And spotted me taking pictures:

And got to a flat part where they could jump in (love the second one with Alex in midair!):

Kate and Cheryl:


Matt, Mike, and Rachel:

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