Friday, July 23, 2010

Did I mention the sunsets?

One of my favorite things about our cabins was the view. We had beautiful sunsets almost every night. It gave me a great opportunity to play with the manual settings on my camera.

I started out on "P" (portrait?) where the only thing I could change was ISO. When I remembered to do this, it really made a big difference...allowed me to take some low light pictures without blurring.

Monday night (after some storms):

Then I started playing with "T" which I thought was shutter speed, but I learned was aperature (I think). My pictures were coming out fine, but the color on the screen after the picture was taken wasn't matching what my eye was seeing (in terms of lightness and darkness). So I set the aperature way high and (thinking it was shutter speed) and got a black picture. Kept lowering it and at 1/50 I finally got what I wanted:

And now, for the first time, and despite being told it many times in the past, the numbers that go with aperature finally make sense and stick with me!

Tuesday night (a bit more color):

And Thursday:

Then Cheryl requested some silhouettes:

And the reflection in our cabing door:

A self portrait:

Friday (not as much color, but loving the natural star effect):

And on the last day, we went up to the lodge at the top of the hill and took some family pictures. The first is the brightest:

but I like the composition of this one (and I brightened it as best I could):

Just the two of us:

And good moon shots, too!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Amy! We enjoyed the few days of vacation with you all. Hope to see you again soon! Suzanne, Toby, Cameron, & Garrett

JenniferL. said...

I think the P is Program, love these photos!