Friday, June 18, 2010

On the twenty-third day of summer...

we spotted "Elvis" the chameleon in Gramps' garden:

And later, we went to visit our friends, Marsha, Ken, Joe, Tom, and their new baby Will:

They have been living in Charlotte for a year while Ken completed a fellowship in orthopedic trauma. In August they will be moving to El Paso, Texas (he is a military doctor). We figured this might be our only time to meet baby Will for awhile!

The kids had a great time together, and we adults had fun catching up (Scott and Marsha went to high school and college together; Marsha was my big sis in college).

Ryan liked being in charge of the hose:

Loved their ball pit!

Can you get 4 kids in it?

Tom is just 2 months older than Jillian. What a pair!

Ryan was very patient with the boys and let them climb all over him:

We ended the night with some dancing:

Congratulations again Marsha and Ken!!

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