Saturday, June 19, 2010

On the twenty-fourth day of summer...

Scott & I went to Pinehurst to visit Pop-pop and Barbara.

We left the kids with Mom & Dad because we didn't think they needed another 4 hours in the car. It was so nice to visit with them without worrying which kid was bored and who was getting into what! We went out to lunch at Pinehurst No. 7, then took Pop-pop for a drive while Barbara did some shopping. He showed us around Pinehurst and the construction on the new apartment they will be moving to next year. The only disappointment was that the US Open started late, so we could not watch some with him!

While we were gone, Nanny & Gramps took the kids to play on some inflatables!

Jillian wave to Ryan as he came down:

The day ended with some ice cream:
Checking out the cornfield across the street:

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