Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the twenty-fifth day of summer...

we celebrated Father's Day! So glad we got to see all our dads this past week.

Ryan and I made pancakes and crowns for the dad's:

While we were packing for the trip home, the kids played out back. Jillian made it clear that she wanted to get wet, putting her toes in the water in the plant saucers.

So, we got out the wading pool.

She dumped water on herself:

On Nanny's foot:

And on her brother:

The pool wasn't enough for her, she wanted to get in the bucket:

And, she's getting into the "I do it" mentality:

This one was taken a second before she and the bucket tipped over, just missing getting mama all wet!

Ryan had a water battle with Nanny and Gramps:

And then we headed home.

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Gramps said...

The shot of the water flying out of the bucket was without a shirt UUUUGH!!!