Wednesday, June 09, 2010

On the twelth, thirteenth, and fourteenth days of summer...

Ryan had swimming lessons!

He had the instructors all to himself two of the days! We will miss the remaining days next week, but the lessons are free, so why not? Hopefully, we'll be around for the second session and we can do some more.

Jillian and I hung out while he had lessons. The first day, our friends Gretchen, Jessee and Claire stayed with us after Claire's swimming lesson. Tuesday, I didn't put Jillian in her suit thinking she didn't like the water...but she was very interested in the baby pool which was being filled:

When we went back to the pool Tuesday afternoon, she finally let me carry her into the water (thanks to some young girls who were in the water and attracted Jillian's attention!).
Wednesday, I brought her in her suit and she enjoyed splashing around the baby pool.

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