Monday, June 28, 2010

On the thirty-third day of summer...

we went to visit the big purple chair!

I have a thing for big chairs. Took a picture in one in Gatlinburg and ever since, when I see one, I have to have a picture in it. Seen them in Franklin, TN; Black Mountain, NC; and Earle, AR.

So, when I saw this one posted on Facebook by my friends Jennifer and Kelley, I had to go check it out! Turns out the town of Millington is using it as a fundraiser for Relay for Life.

We were trying to kill some time this morning and had our picture taken before the chamber of commerce opened. Ryan didn't care about the chair. He was too worried about the fact that their sprinklers had been on for way too long (overnight?) and were flooding the whole yard.

Later, Ryan was rolling up some blankets on a cardboard tube, pretending they were carpets (especially the red one, of course!). He went on to tell me he was a carpenter.

The first thing to come to my head was to tell him that Jesus was a carpenter.

Only after that thought did it hit me that he was misunderstanding the word. Ryan's a carpet-ter. :)

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