Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the thirty-second day of summer...

we fixed a leak in the laundry room.

It had been there for a little while...a small amount of water damage on the wall behind the washer below the water valves. I was trying to do as little laundry as possible (good excuse, right?). I thought it would be something BIGGER THAN WE COULD HANDLE.

I thought wrong. Am I wrong to be filled with pride because we figured exactly where the leak was coming from and fixed it ourselves? Probably not as big a deal because it came from a small crack in one of those easy-to-get-to splitters and not from something buried in the wall.

Anyway, I'm glad that small crisis is over!

Then that night, I introduced my friend Carrie to biking in Stanky (snicker, snicker) Creek. She was a great riding partner!

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