Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the thirty-fifth day of summer...

we went to the Nashville Zoo!

On the first day of our drive to Maryland, Scott had us stop in Nashville to check out a property they had just begun to manage. I discovered the Nashville Zoo was right around the corner, so the kids and I went there to pass the time until he was done.

Because we are members of the Memphis Zoo, we got in half price. Of course, we didn't think it was as good as our zoo (I mean, come on, they don't even have pandas!), but it was a lot of fun and since we only got halfway through it, I hope we'll go back again!

Ryan and a fish:

Jillian and a camel:

and a goat (she charged right up to the biggest one in the petting area!):

and another goat:

Then we had some dinner, got back in the car and drove for a long time! This reminded me of when Scott and I moved to Memphis...Full moving truck, pulling a car, bikes on top...they beat us with the kayak, though.


Katy said...

She climbs things and charges goats. Your daughter has no fear!

Gramps said...

..............sorta reminds me of her Mom & her Aunt!!!