Friday, June 25, 2010

On the thirtieth day of summer...

we went to a Redird's game!

Scott hosted employees from his company and their familes, so we all went out to sit on the bluff! At some point we heard that Greivis Vasquez (who had played at Maryland and was just yesterday drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies) was going to be at the game, so Jillian and I went off to look for him.

We caught up with him as he was being taken out to the field and got the opportunity to congratulate him! He threw out the first pitch:

We were losing most of the game , so the kids ran around a we chased them. Stopped long enough for a few pictures:

Jillian did not roll down the hill, thank heavens, but did seem to fall down every time she stepped foot on our blanket!

Dancing with Daddy:

In the bottom of the ninth, we were down by 5 runs, when the impossible happened...a rally! Rally caps:

The Redbird's came back to win! It was amazing!!

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