Wednesday, June 02, 2010

On the seventh day of summer vacation...

We went to the sprinkler park with Melissa and Mason!

We got there real early, and were the first ones! By the time we left two hours later, it was pretty crowded.

Jillian wasn't so sure.

She was more interested in cleaning up the concrete with her wipes.

But Melissa found a cup she could fill up. At first she splashed in it, then she started pouring it on herself, then she got closer to the sprinklers to try to refill the cup.


Katy said...

Cute bathing suit! Cute hat, too, if I do say so myself :-)

The Beatty's said...

It's my favorite!

JenniferL. said...

We have yet to visit the sprinkler park, I need to make a point to go there soon.