Saturday, June 12, 2010

On the seventeenth day of summer...

I turned 36. There was not much fanfare today since we were leaving to head to Maryland for Grandmom's funeral. I did get some sweet presents from my family and Ryan and I went to Lifeblood's Donor Fest so I could give blood. Ryan enjoyed the magic show there.

The one thing I was bummed I was going to miss on my birthday was cupcakes from Muddy's bake shop. But then I got lucky. My friend Jennifer dropped off four on Friday night (I don't think she even knew I was hoping for them) and then Ryan and Scott brought home a half dozen that they went all the way down and picked up after Mason's party. How lucky am I?

So in honor of my 36 years, here's 36 things about me at 36:

1. I am currently reading "Eclipse," but also have started (and intend to get back to) "Letters to a Young Teacher" (SG summer reading), "The Glass Castle," "Eat, Pray, Love," and "Bringing Down the House."

2. If I find worms wriggling on the sidewalk in the early morning while I am walking, I will usually pick them up and throw them back in the grass.

3. I am a linear thinker (just discovered this about myself in the last year). I can usually really only handle one crisis or project at a time.

4. I have only found 2 grey hairs. I count myself very lucky for this, since I don't know if I would like coloring my hair. I am starting to notice many wrinkles, spots and splotches on my face though and this makes me feel old.

5. In congratulating our wonderful babysitter on her high school graduation last month, I realized she was born the year I graduated from high school.

6. Half my life ago, I watched the sun rise on the beach in Ocean City on my 18th birthday with some really good friends. Because of Facebook, I still occasionally chat with them today!

7. I love the beach and the ocean and cannot believe there are some people who have never been to one.

8. I dove off a diving board today. It was not a clean dive.

9. I am thinking of getting into geneology (if I cannot spell it, does that mean I should not do it?).

10. I am totally addicted to sweets. It is this addiction that keeps me from trying anything else addicting like cigarettes or drugs. If I can't kick this one, the others would really be tricky.

11. I do not like coffee. Not just the drink, but the flavor. LOVE the smell, though.

12. Also, do not like iced tea (or hot tea for that matter). Not too good for a girl in the south.

13. I wish I could get rid of TV in my house. Despite what I watch, I think I could give it all up except for the sporting events. I do not think my husband could (although we have never had a serious discussion about it).

14. I wonder how people in unconventional, non-traditional jobs do it.

15. I wish teacher made more money.

16. I really like teaching and am looking forward to going back to St. George's in the fall.

17. I went through a phase last month where I woke up every morning with a kid's song in my head.

18. I almost just spelled phase, "faze."

19. I sometimes dream about being a non-conformist and I am sad to say I am too lazy. The status quo is sometimes just easier.

20. I love my home, but, knowing some of the people I know now, I can say I am not a homebody.

21. I would go for a walk in the woods every day if I could.

22. I am hoping the day is coming soon when our family can do all the things fully that we can't quite do right now because we have a little one.

23. I love how bright it is outside when there's a full moon. I get sad when I discover I have missed one.

24. I like the brightness outside at night after a good snow...all the light reflecting off of the snow up to the sky.

25. We need a new sled...err...tobaggan...err...plastic sled. (For my friends up north, a tobaggan down here is a hat.)

26. Can you tell it's hot here as I type about snow?

27. I would scrapbook all day long if I could.

28. I hope that when I die, people say Scott was the love of my life. He seems to think they will say scrapbooking was.

29. I have been waking up between 6 and 7 everyday of summer vacation so far. Not too bad, since it gets me out for a morning walk/jog.

30. I have one remaining grandparent. I am glad I had all 4 when I was married and that Ryan has memories of two of them. Hopefully Jillian will get memories of one.

31. I am eating popcorn as I type this and wish I had butter for it.

32. I need to pick up stick butter at the grocery store. And milk.

33. My family (3 of us) goes through 2-4 gallons of milk a week. Mostly on cereal, but I like drinking it with a meal or the appropriate dessert.

34. They have rebuilt my high school. I was at the reception two years ago before they tore it down, but I do not think I will be able to attend the opening for the new one.

35. I haven't been back to Frederick, Maryland in those two years. Haven't seen the new St. Peter's finished either.

36. This may be the last time I do a list like this. :)


Abbie Johnson said...

i love your list. I'm wondering how I didn't know you don't like tea or coffee, cuz I don't either!! does make it hard there! And I'm glad to know some one else goes through as much milk as we do. I buy milk 3 gallons at a time usually!
Happy Belated Birthday :)

Jeanne Enders said...

I'm just now reading this (and contemplating stealing the idea)...

Totally agree with number 11 (not liking coffee, the drink, but liking coffee, the smell)

Totally disagree with number 12; I love iced tea and miss true southern sweet tea.

If you'd spelled phase incorrectly (17/18), I would have found a way to beat you virtually. :p