Monday, June 14, 2010

On the nineteenth day of summer...

we went to the beach! As long as we're in Ocean City, we might as well go to the beach! Actually, it's pretty cool, because I did not think we were going to get to the beach this year.

This morning, while Scott did payroll, I took the kids down. Wanted to see what Jillian thought of the sand and the water.

She put up with it, but wasn't crazy about it.

Ryan, however was ready to go!

Later that afternoon, after Scott was done working, the three of us went up and left Jillian home with Grammy to nap.

Ryan and Scott started out digging for sand crabs.

Then Ryan tried out his boogie board. The water was chilly (June on the East Coast means 70 degree water), but he got right in to ride the waves!

Scott and I got in too. It wasn't numbing cold, and was SO worth it to jump and ride a few waves!

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