Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the thirty-fifth day of summer...

we went to the Nashville Zoo!

On the first day of our drive to Maryland, Scott had us stop in Nashville to check out a property they had just begun to manage. I discovered the Nashville Zoo was right around the corner, so the kids and I went there to pass the time until he was done.

Because we are members of the Memphis Zoo, we got in half price. Of course, we didn't think it was as good as our zoo (I mean, come on, they don't even have pandas!), but it was a lot of fun and since we only got halfway through it, I hope we'll go back again!

Ryan and a fish:

Jillian and a camel:

and a goat (she charged right up to the biggest one in the petting area!):

and another goat:

Then we had some dinner, got back in the car and drove for a long time! This reminded me of when Scott and I moved to Memphis...Full moving truck, pulling a car, bikes on top...they beat us with the kayak, though.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the thirty-fourth day of summer...

Jillian stacked some blocks.

And we had a playdate at Kate's house!

Monday, June 28, 2010

On the thirty-third day of summer...

we went to visit the big purple chair!

I have a thing for big chairs. Took a picture in one in Gatlinburg and ever since, when I see one, I have to have a picture in it. Seen them in Franklin, TN; Black Mountain, NC; and Earle, AR.

So, when I saw this one posted on Facebook by my friends Jennifer and Kelley, I had to go check it out! Turns out the town of Millington is using it as a fundraiser for Relay for Life.

We were trying to kill some time this morning and had our picture taken before the chamber of commerce opened. Ryan didn't care about the chair. He was too worried about the fact that their sprinklers had been on for way too long (overnight?) and were flooding the whole yard.

Later, Ryan was rolling up some blankets on a cardboard tube, pretending they were carpets (especially the red one, of course!). He went on to tell me he was a carpenter.

The first thing to come to my head was to tell him that Jesus was a carpenter.

Only after that thought did it hit me that he was misunderstanding the word. Ryan's a carpet-ter. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On the thirty-second day of summer...

we fixed a leak in the laundry room.

It had been there for a little while...a small amount of water damage on the wall behind the washer below the water valves. I was trying to do as little laundry as possible (good excuse, right?). I thought it would be something BIGGER THAN WE COULD HANDLE.

I thought wrong. Am I wrong to be filled with pride because we figured exactly where the leak was coming from and fixed it ourselves? Probably not as big a deal because it came from a small crack in one of those easy-to-get-to splitters and not from something buried in the wall.

Anyway, I'm glad that small crisis is over!

Then that night, I introduced my friend Carrie to biking in Stanky (snicker, snicker) Creek. She was a great riding partner!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

On the thirty-first day of summer...

we went for a hike in Stanky Creek.

Ryan found a butterfly who was willing to let him get close before we started the hike.

We went with our friends the Paulo's. Here's Evan, Lucas, and Ryan:

Later that night, we had some friends come over and we took them to the drive-in to see Toy Story 3:

Our friends, the Paulo's happened to be there too! Once Jillian fell asleep, we had a great time! The movie was great!

Friday, June 25, 2010

On the thirtieth day of summer...

we went to a Redird's game!

Scott hosted employees from his company and their familes, so we all went out to sit on the bluff! At some point we heard that Greivis Vasquez (who had played at Maryland and was just yesterday drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies) was going to be at the game, so Jillian and I went off to look for him.

We caught up with him as he was being taken out to the field and got the opportunity to congratulate him! He threw out the first pitch:

We were losing most of the game , so the kids ran around a we chased them. Stopped long enough for a few pictures:

Jillian did not roll down the hill, thank heavens, but did seem to fall down every time she stepped foot on our blanket!

Dancing with Daddy:

In the bottom of the ninth, we were down by 5 runs, when the impossible happened...a rally! Rally caps:

The Redbird's came back to win! It was amazing!!

On the twenty-sixth through thirtieth days of summer...

Ryan attended soccer camp at Christian Brothers High School. It was for three hours every morning and it was hot!

I think he learned a few things, but all week he complained it was too long. I was proud that he kept going all week.

Ryan and coach Peter:

Ryan and Josh:

Jillian wants to go next year!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the twenty-seventh day of summer...

we had to put our sweet Bella to sleep.

After picking Bella up from being boarded at the vet last week, I came home to find her lying on the floor, pretty unresponsive.

We ran her back to the vet and they began treating her for low blood sugar (she was diagnosed with diabetes last spring). The vet asked to keep her there until she was back to herself. By the end of the day, her sugar was still off and she had had a seizure, so we took her to the emergency vet so she could be observed overnight.

She had more seizures overnight, but her sugar was back to normal. I picked her up in the morning (the emergency vet is just for overnight) and took her back to our vet. Everyone seemed to think she was reverting out of the diabetes, but the vet said the seizures should stop within 24 hours. These weren't stopping and it was breaking my heart to see her suffering.

After lunch, the vet seemed to think there was probably something else going on (maybe a brain tumor) and we decided it was time to let her go. Scott, Ryan, and I went up to say our good-byes and we were pretty emotional. We had had her for over 11 years and she was a very sweet kitty.

I went back and pulled all the digital pictures I could find (her early days were on film, so none of her as a kitten). Here are some of my favorites:

At our house in Laurel:

They love to lie in the sun (and on tissue paper, too!):

In the snow (she loved to be outside and was always trying to get out the door. Once she snuck out behind us in the morning and was out all day! Luckily, she's not into wandering and we found her just a few houses away that evening!):

She helped us pack up and move to Memphis:

Made the long drive down in the back seat of the car (she loved to ride in the car, but always wanted to sit on my lap and look out the window):

First, in our apartment:

Then, the house:

She could get into the cabinets under the bathroom sinks and this is where she would hide during thunderstorms:

She LOVED playing with toy mice (along with watching real birds and other animals out the windows):

And would hang out with me while I scrapped:

She was definitely part of our family and she will be missed!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the twenty-fifth day of summer...

we celebrated Father's Day! So glad we got to see all our dads this past week.

Ryan and I made pancakes and crowns for the dad's:

While we were packing for the trip home, the kids played out back. Jillian made it clear that she wanted to get wet, putting her toes in the water in the plant saucers.

So, we got out the wading pool.

She dumped water on herself:

On Nanny's foot:

And on her brother:

The pool wasn't enough for her, she wanted to get in the bucket:

And, she's getting into the "I do it" mentality:

This one was taken a second before she and the bucket tipped over, just missing getting mama all wet!

Ryan had a water battle with Nanny and Gramps:

And then we headed home.