Monday, May 31, 2010

On the fifth day of summer vacation...

We went out to dinner and to member night at the Memphis Zoo!

They open from 6-9 pm and have lots of special activities, including, touch the big python:

We don't make it down to the farm much (pandas, polar bears, and the Teton Trek are popular with Ryan), but I wanted Jillian to see/touch some animals, so we went down there.

My camera batteries died at this point, so from here on out, it's iPhone pictures:

The pandas had gone to bed, but we saw the polar bears being fed and took a few pictures in the Northwest Passage:

Then, it was back to the Old Faithful fountain. Apparently, getting wet is encouraged on member nights, as many children came in swim suits and parents spread out towels. I was just thinking of our visit on Friday and had Ryan wear sandals and brought a change of clothes. Perfect!

Even better, a little Sonic on the way home! They had BOGO shakes, so we gave the second one to Jillian who was a sticky, happy mess by the time we arrived home!

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