Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

What a fabulous Mother's Day Weekend!

Friday night, Ryan wanted to go out to Joe's Crab Shack because of the cool kid's play area they have outside. Scott talked him into going downtown to Flying Fish instead. We had a fun dinner, then walked around a bit. Saw these dogs peeking out:

And had to take our picture with the big Rooster at the end of Beale Street!

Saturday, we had teeball, followed immediately by soccer, followed immediately by a classmate's birthday party. It was a laser tag party, and the parents were invited to participate! I was very proud of Ryan...once we swapped and were on the same team and once he figured out how to recharge himself, he played all by himself, just shouting "Hi Mommy" when he ran by me. We both had a lot of fun! The classmate's mom took our picture, and someday when she sends it to me, I will post it (don't hold your breathe...she said she only downloads pictures at Christmas...I don't know how she can wait that long!!)

On Sunday, Scott took the kids grocery shopping, letting me sleep in). then made me breakfast. Ryan had made me this plate in school:

and they bought me flowers and a balloon:

I also got a tree in Shelby Farms tree nursery (part of their One Million Trees campaign). Great weekend!

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