Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A few more from Maryland

This was an interesting trip for many reasons. First, we flew Southwest out of Nashville, and it just happened that my favorite band was playing in Nashville on Wednesday night. We hooked up with some friends, left the kids with a sitter and their kids at their house and had a date night complete with dinner and a show!

Once we got to Maryland (and after visiting my grandmother for lunch), I came down with a stomach bug, which Scott then got on Sunday and sadly my nephew and BIL got after we left! That didn't keep us from seeing our nephew's baseball game, our other nephew's soccer game, and our niece's lacrosse game that we shouldn't have been around to see (more on that in a mintute).

We all went out to breakfast Sunday morning (waiting for a table at Bob Evans):

where Scott told me I had to go look around because he was sure he saw someone I knew but he couldn't remember who she was. Turns out it was my (and later my sister's) room mate from college there also visiting family for the weekend. Crazy!

We didn't get out of Baltimore that day...didn't even make it to the airport before they cancelled the flight because of the rains and flooding in Nashville. We followed the story through Facebook and the Weather Channel. Couldn't get a flight back to Nashville until Tuesday morning, and while it made our week back at home a little busier, we got a few extra days with family (including that lacrosse game where Kate scored her first goal of the season), so we're ok.
Plus, on since I now had free time on Monday, me and the kids went to visit a friend and her 4 day old baby! Meet baby Ezra:

So, we flew back this morning (Jillian slept again, yay!), got the car from the hotel, and drove home. Route 40 was completely open, though many rivers were still up over their banks, and it wasn't until we got home safely that we saw images of how bad downtown Nashville got hit. Please pray for the folks there and here in Millington.

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