Monday, May 24, 2010

Date Night

Friday night, while in Charlotte, Mom & Dad kept the kids and Scott & I got a date night! The best part about it was that we found something really fun and kind of spontaneous to do. We don't have the opportunity to do that much these days, but we used to do it a lot before kids. You know, just get in the car and go find someplace cool that you haven't been before (with no one whining about being bored or needing a snack or a potty break).

Anyway, we went down to NoDa (Northern Davidson) which has these Friday night gallery walks. It was hopping! A fun drunk girl celebrating her 21st birthday took our picture!

While wandering, we discovered Shawn Mullins was playing. He had the hit "Rockabye" many years ago. But friends of ours (hi Cory & John!) were fans of his before the hit, and other friends (hi Debbie!) are still big fans now. I don't think we would have planned to go see him in concert, but since we were there, we figured, what the heck!

After his set, a band called the Blue Dogs came on and they were lots of fun too. Great night!

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cory said...

Love this Amy! Glad you two had some time alone together.