Monday, May 24, 2010

Charlotte Visit

The other reason for our trip to North Carolina was to see my cousins whom we hadn't seen in seven or so years. They live in Connecticut and have two young boys Ryan and Jillian's ages whom we hadn't met! Now that my aunt lives down the street from my parents, we are hoping to see them more often!

We arrived in Charlotte early Friday morning, and after some sleep (thanks mom & dad!), we waited for the Conrad's to arrive!

Jillian waited in her chair.

Gramps and Ryan played checkers in the garden to pass the time:

More waiting on the back patio:

And then, they were here! Kyle and Ryan immediately began running around together, and Jillian was quick to share with Mason (who is only 6 days younger than she is!):

We took a walk up to the neighborhood park:

Gramps pushed Ryan and Kyle on the tire swing:

Jillian and Mason swung on their swings:

Then Jillian needed more action and headed for the slides:

The boys decided to join her:

Saturday and Sunday morning we went to Pinehurst.
Then it was back to Charlotte, for a cook out and water fun! Mason (with his Mama, Sonya) and Jillian watched the fun:

Boys in the pool:

My silly boy:

And, who says you can only get wet in the pool? Watch out for Chris!

The boys got ahold of his weapons:

Not to be outdone, Chris pulls out the big guns:

"Nanny-nanny-boo-boo! You can't catch me!"

Then, the boys got very creative:

Mason and Jillian had moved inside by this point. She gave him a kiss, but of course wouldn't repeat it for the camera.

Monday morning before we left to return home, the boys went to see a real Nascar (Kenny Wallace)! They got a tour of the whole place and the man was very patient and interesting. Gramps can't wait to take them to some bigger name Nascar shops later (when it's not speed week)!

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Sonya said...

Good times! Hope to see you again this year in 2011!