Saturday, May 08, 2010

3 v 3 Soccer Tournament

Coach Ken and another Arlington coach got some kids together to play in St. Ann's (which happens to be our church) Block Party 3 v 3 soccer tournament. We played two games on Friday, April 23. The first was pretty tough. Ryan scored both our goals and we won 2-1.

The rules were a little different then the boys were used to, with a box around the goal you could not go into and penalty kicks for the other team if you did. Here's Ryan setting up for a penalty kick (which he missed):

The second game started despite the rain. Everyone was looser by then, with Ryan scoring the first goal, followed by many more from the other boys. We won the second game, too! Go Pirates!

The games on Saturday were cancelled due to weather, and they rescheduled everything for the following weekend when we were in Maryland. Fortunately, they won without us and Ryan was very excited to get a medal for coming in first in the 5 and under division!

All, in all, a great experience!

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