Saturday, April 10, 2010

Opening Day

Today begins another soccer season! This is Ryan's third year playing soccer and I love to see how far he's come from this:

to this:

Go Mambas!

Many of these boys have been playing for a few seasons now, so Coach Ken has them doing a little more than just going after the ball mob style (although that is still the most popular play). This is Ryan starting a play to Jared:

But we decided to add a little excitement to our life this spring and try out tee ball AT THE SAME TIME! We didn't think it was going to be at the same time. Looks like some games will overlap, but for now, it just means more evenings out at practices. We won't make this mistake again next spring.

So while Ryan was playing his soccer game, I was helping to set up for Arlington Youth Little League's inaugural Opening Day ceremonies. Here's Ryan's team minus him after parading in:

As part of the ceremonies, a few teams were chosen to play an inning each. We got done with soccer, changed real quick in the car, and ran over to the baseball fields, where the Cardinal's had been picked to play. We had already fielded, and Ryan made it in time to be the last batter!

Running for first:

Heading for third (last batter hits and everyone runs for home). By this point he had passed the runner in front of him...guess we need to review those rules!



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