Friday, April 30, 2010

Air and Space

We got to Maryland Thursday evening and since everyone was in school/at work on Friday, we opted for a little excursion with Aunt Katy, Uncle Mark, and Shelby! We went to the new (to us) Air and Space Museum out at Dulles airport. I hadn't told Ryan much ahead of time because I wanted him to be surprised when he saw this:

He wasn't in the best mood, so I didn't really get the reaction I'd hoped for, but he enjoyed the museum, especially the shuttle simulator ride we took him on while Mark and Shelby rode the fighter plane simulator!

He also liked the model mars rover since they had studied it in science:

But back to the shuttle...this is the Enterprise. It was enormous, but something about it seemed, well, fake. A docent explained to us that it had never flown in space. It had been used to study the landings...flew up in the air on a big airplane, then was released and flew back to Earth. Didn't need any real heat tiles or engines. So cool!

We also went up in an observation tower/mock air traffic control tower where you could see and hear a bit of what was going on next door at Dulles airport:

Later, we went back to Mark and Shelby's for a get together with our college friends. Got to meet new baby Nolan (but didn't take any pictures of him!) and play with our friends!

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