Friday, April 30, 2010

Air and Space

We got to Maryland Thursday evening and since everyone was in school/at work on Friday, we opted for a little excursion with Aunt Katy, Uncle Mark, and Shelby! We went to the new (to us) Air and Space Museum out at Dulles airport. I hadn't told Ryan much ahead of time because I wanted him to be surprised when he saw this:

He wasn't in the best mood, so I didn't really get the reaction I'd hoped for, but he enjoyed the museum, especially the shuttle simulator ride we took him on while Mark and Shelby rode the fighter plane simulator!

He also liked the model mars rover since they had studied it in science:

But back to the shuttle...this is the Enterprise. It was enormous, but something about it seemed, well, fake. A docent explained to us that it had never flown in space. It had been used to study the landings...flew up in the air on a big airplane, then was released and flew back to Earth. Didn't need any real heat tiles or engines. So cool!

We also went up in an observation tower/mock air traffic control tower where you could see and hear a bit of what was going on next door at Dulles airport:

Later, we went back to Mark and Shelby's for a get together with our college friends. Got to meet new baby Nolan (but didn't take any pictures of him!) and play with our friends!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bike Ride

In honor of Earth Day, Ryan, Jillian and I went on a bike ride along the Wolf River. We brought lunch and had a little picnic:

Stopped to see the turtles:

Ryan rode the whole greenway trail (over 4 miles!) all by himself! Way to go!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tee Ball

I wondered how you teach young kids how to play a sport. Turns out, the first few seasons, you take it slow. And you keep five coaches out on the field to teach during games. Everyone hits every inning, they only run one base, and they all run home on the last hit. And in the outfield, whoever gets the ball throws to first.

I admire the patient fathers who are coaching. The boys are having fun.

Here's Ryan at our first game. In the field:

And on the bench:

Ready for his turn to bat:

With Coach Shane on second base:

Running for third:


Can't wait to see how the season goes!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Randomness

Lilacs are blooming (my favorite!):

Having a snack together:

His own golf clubs (found cheap at a yard sale!):

Silly Band craze:

My little swiper. She crawls into the cabinet under our bathroom sink and pulls things out. Her current favorite is the box of band aids:
But she will help clean up:

Little girls peeking in:

Little boy under the cherry tree:

Enjoying the falling petals:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grandma's Glasses

Something from Ryan's class:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend at the lake

We went to Greer;s Ferry with Matt and Barb this weekend. It was beautiful on Sunday, perfect weather to go boating!

Jillian still seemed pretty ok with the life jacket, and it definitely fits her better this year! She got fussy on the way back, but I think she was tired, too.

She liked trying to carry the tackle box.

Matt let Ryan drive the boat almost all the way back. That is not his beer, by the way!

While we were out, Ryan convinced Scott to jump in! The water was in the 60's.

Sadly, I missed the expression on Scott's face when he surfaced, which Barb said was priceless! You can hear Ryan's reaction. He didn't even stay in long enough to get a picture!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Opening Day

Today begins another soccer season! This is Ryan's third year playing soccer and I love to see how far he's come from this:

to this:

Go Mambas!

Many of these boys have been playing for a few seasons now, so Coach Ken has them doing a little more than just going after the ball mob style (although that is still the most popular play). This is Ryan starting a play to Jared:

But we decided to add a little excitement to our life this spring and try out tee ball AT THE SAME TIME! We didn't think it was going to be at the same time. Looks like some games will overlap, but for now, it just means more evenings out at practices. We won't make this mistake again next spring.

So while Ryan was playing his soccer game, I was helping to set up for Arlington Youth Little League's inaugural Opening Day ceremonies. Here's Ryan's team minus him after parading in:

As part of the ceremonies, a few teams were chosen to play an inning each. We got done with soccer, changed real quick in the car, and ran over to the baseball fields, where the Cardinal's had been picked to play. We had already fielded, and Ryan made it in time to be the last batter!

Running for first:

Heading for third (last batter hits and everyone runs for home). By this point he had passed the runner in front of him...guess we need to review those rules!



Monday, April 05, 2010

Shirts vs. Skins

Ryan's got all boys on his soccer team again this year. Tonight at practice, they had a little scrimmage and played shirts against skins. Ryan wasn't too crazy about running around without his shirt on.

Although, he looked good moving the ball!

Jillian seemed to sense his discomfort, and wanted to bring his shirt (and her dinner) out onto the field for him:

Sunday, April 04, 2010

One last Easter Post

Hooray! The Alleluias return! We got some nice pictures at church in our Easter outfits:

After church they had a hunt for the kids. Jillian and Daddy looked on:

While Ryan hunted:

Back at home, our own hunt seemed a little anti-climatic.

Don't the boots make the outfit? It was a little muddy.