Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

1. I am thankful that there are second (and third and fourth) chances to start something like this again.

2. I am thankful that Scott brought the elliptical machine downstairs to our bedroom so we might use it more, even if it does mess with the fung shui of the room.

3. I'm thankful for multiple tabs at the top of my screen so I could go to and look up how to spell fung shui.

4. I'm thankful to my friend Diane for posting about Paperclipping Roundtable podcasts which gave me something to listen to while I did the elliptical machine tonight.

5. I'm thankful for a friend like Cory who sends me cool links to check out and is patient if I don't respond for awhile.

6. I'm thankful Ryan opted for his bike on our walks this week over his scooter. He's getting better!

7. I'm thankful for an excuse to do problems involving logarithms.

8. I'm thankful for some quiet time while the boys are at a hockey game and Jillian is asleep.

1 comment:

cory said...

ahhhh thanks for including me! love you!