Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party Time!

We had both sets of grandparents in town, plus some friends for Jillian's first birthday party. Here's the birthday girl in her party dress:

One of her new favorite things is to climb up (and usually try to stand) on the kid chairs. Tonight, she had fun sitting with the girls at the party!

And here's the boys:
Happy Birthday to Jillian!

She's got the cake thing down now!

She was very excited to see the doll that was wrapped in this package:

And, couldn't wait to use this present:

Only one party game: Pin the nose on Elmo. Ryan checks out how he did:

Emmy helps Lila:

Then it's Jillian's turn:

Fun was had by all:


Katy said...

The pic of her with her head in the present and her butt up in the air is priceless.

The Beatty's said...

We were wondering what she was doing...turns out she was trying to get in to the doll, she was so excited! Glad mom got a shot of it!