Thursday, March 11, 2010

My First Birthday

The donut at breakfast was just the beginning of a super-fun first birthday for me!

We had a beautiful day, so we went to Shelby Farms to swing:

And played with rocks:

Then, back at home, we all played ball outside. I like Ryan's new tee-balls:

Casey does, too:

Grandad winds up:

Ryan waits for his pitch:

And, swing!

Finally, before dinner, they let me open my presents. After all, I am the Birthday Girl (thanks, Mommy, for making me this cool shirt!):

I really like this opening presents thing:

Giving hugs to my frog:

A rocking chair from Grammy and Grandad:

And then it was cake time! Mommy was worried I wouldn't go for it because I had been fussy all through dinner!

Hmmm. What's this?

Mommy gives me a taste:

Maybe I'll try it:

I think I like it!

A little in the ear:

Mommy's been trying to teach me the sign for "all done." This is my sign (drop the food on the floor):

Mommy tries a bit more:

Ryan wanted to be part of the fun, too:

BTW, if you think I've shared too many pictures, you should know that my grandmother took about 90 shots of me eating cake! Your first cake only happens once, you know!


JenniferL. said...

no such thing as too many pictures!

Katy said...

Love the shot of Ryan!

cory said...

i adore the first birthday cake! great shots.