Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jillian's First Bike Ride

What better way to spend a warm afternoon than taking a family bike ride to the local park? Ryan rode on the "double-double" bike with Scott (we have an attachment on the back that allows him to peddle) and Jillian rode in this with me:

She wasn't crazy about the helmet, but once we were moving, she was good! More swinging pictures. She loves to do it and Mama loves to photograph it!

Standing and cruising a bit:

Ryan on the fire pole:

And with some girls who were there. I was so proud of him. He went up to them and asked if they wanted to play hide-and-go-seek, and they did! Here they are playing "one-potato" to decide who is "it."

And then we rode home. It might've been the best day ever.

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