Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to our friend's grandparent's farm for their annual Easter Egg hunt. They hide tons of eggs and it is always a good time. Plus, lots of our friends attend.

A shot of Jillian at home with our blooming forsythia bushes:

Ryan and Jillian ready to go!

The big kids were good about letting the little ones find the ones that were out in the middle:

Love the vintage look of this shot a friend took:

Daddy helps:

Ryan found some too!

Another shot from our friend (who happens to be Ryan's computer teacher):

Jillian and mama:

Ryan and his colorful haul:

Kellie took this one for us. I found I only had one picture of just Scott and I from 2009 and vowed to get more this year! May try for one every month like this gal here.

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