Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Breakfast

After the role Dunkin Donuts played in the morning of Jillian's birth last year, how could we not start a tradition of donuts for breakfast on Jillian's birthday? Ryan came in to get me at 5:45 am this morning and we were off to buy a dozen donuts!

She had a strawberry iced donut with sprinkles.

Seemed to like it.

Then, she opened Ryan's present. Much more into tearing off paper than at Christmas.

And really into playing with the toy! It was fun to watch her figure out how to put the blocks together!


Katy said...

Cute pics! Happy birthday, Jilly Bean!!

Kelley said...

Love the Dunkin' Donut tradition! Happy Birthday Jillian!!

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday Jillian!!! Hope the doughnut was as delicious as it looked!!!