Monday, February 08, 2010

Surprise Snow Day!

When I got up this morning, the light coming in the bathroom window was a little fuzzy, so I peeked out and...SURPRISE! The ground was covered with about 4 inches of fluffy snow! School was cancelled leaving Ryan and I free to play outside.

It was thick, wet snow this time:

Our unofficial measurement:

It was so beautiful and peaceful first thing in the morning!

The wet stuff was not as good for sledding (especially since the temperature rose throughout the day), but it was better for snowman building!

Glad we had all those bottle caps from yesterday's Super Bowl party!
After her nap, Jillian came out to play. I finally got a shot of her standing!

Ryan pulled her around on our makeshift sled (this was right before he turned the corner and she fell off face first into the snow!):

She cried, but got back on for awhile until she got too cold:

She did pose with Ryan and the snowman:

Later, we got more precipitation...big, fat handfuls of snow, followed by little flakes, then sleet and rain, and repeated throughout the afternoon. Ryan was delighted:

I think surprise snow may be the best kind!


Aunt Sandy said...

Great pictures! Like your colorful snowman too! :)
I have to admit...I do miss playing in the snow!

Gramps said...

You Guys are the best snowmen makers EVER!!! Next big snow you could expand your art and make him a companion snowlady.