Friday, February 12, 2010

11 Months!

Hello there!

Can you believe I'm almost a year old? Where did the time go? I am becoming little Miss Independent around here! Feeding myself,
nursing less, trying to walk. Whew! It's tiring me out! Mommy tells me I only have three weeks to beat my big brother at this walking thing. I'm trying!

Mommy, of course took my picture! Have you met my new friend, Elmo? When I am not trying to eat him, I like to hug him!

I am too funny!! Mommy and Ryan crack me up when they try to get me to sit still and not come after that fun camera!

So, what am I up to this month? I weigh 17 lbs, 11 ozs. I get really excited when Daddy gets home from work!

And, I am way into cabinets.

Way INto them! Get it?

Mommy thinks I like emptying them out, but she doesn't seem to understand that I just empty them out so I can get into them!

Here's my best buddy!

I can even say his name (Mommy was trying to get me to make other noises, but you an hear me say Ryan's name right at the start and again at the end):

See you next month!


nanny said...

So absolutely adorable! and Ryan is such a good cheerleader.

Abbie Johnson said...

I love how R is so excited about her walking. My boys were like that too with L. So much fun to see how much they adore each other!

shelby said...

She is so big and ridiculously adorable!