Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Birthday Gift

Jillian's first, first birthday gift arrived today from Aunt Katy and we couldn't wait two weeks to open it! It is a really cool chair! Jillian is all about climbing on things right now, but it seems everything in our house she wants to climb on is too high for her. This is perfect. Not sure she'll lounge in it for awhile, but that's ok. Ryan probably will. He may need his own chair when his birthday rolls around.

Ooooh! A big box!

Friday, February 19, 2010

First Zoo Visit of 2010!

It was beautiful today, so we headed out with Mason & Melissa this afternoon for the zoo! We went to Teton Trek where the bears weren't out, but the wolves were very active:

We saw the new baby giraffe:

All, in all, the boys had fun and got to run around outside, so it was a successful trip!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us!

Despite Scott being in bed all day with a stomach bug (and me getting it later that night after the kids went to bed), I got the scavenger hunt together for the kids.

Ryan let Jillian find a few clues:

And encouraged her on the next ones:

Until they found their gifts (in the guest shower!):

Jillian received a fleece blanket I made:

Ryan was surprised to get a pack of silly bands:

Friday, February 12, 2010

11 Months!

Hello there!

Can you believe I'm almost a year old? Where did the time go? I am becoming little Miss Independent around here! Feeding myself,
nursing less, trying to walk. Whew! It's tiring me out! Mommy tells me I only have three weeks to beat my big brother at this walking thing. I'm trying!

Mommy, of course took my picture! Have you met my new friend, Elmo? When I am not trying to eat him, I like to hug him!

I am too funny!! Mommy and Ryan crack me up when they try to get me to sit still and not come after that fun camera!

So, what am I up to this month? I weigh 17 lbs, 11 ozs. I get really excited when Daddy gets home from work!

And, I am way into cabinets.

Way INto them! Get it?

Mommy thinks I like emptying them out, but she doesn't seem to understand that I just empty them out so I can get into them!

Here's my best buddy!

I can even say his name (Mommy was trying to get me to make other noises, but you an hear me say Ryan's name right at the start and again at the end):

See you next month!

Monday, February 08, 2010

It won't be long now!

I was trying to get a video of Jillian cruising. She likes to go all along these cabinets in our kitchen (trying to open them as she goes...only the one with all the rubbermaid opens). Instead, she kept coming after me, but you can see some of her tricks. She can bend/squat down and come back up, she can stand solo, and she can take a few tiny shuffled steps!

Surprise Snow Day!

When I got up this morning, the light coming in the bathroom window was a little fuzzy, so I peeked out and...SURPRISE! The ground was covered with about 4 inches of fluffy snow! School was cancelled leaving Ryan and I free to play outside.

It was thick, wet snow this time:

Our unofficial measurement:

It was so beautiful and peaceful first thing in the morning!

The wet stuff was not as good for sledding (especially since the temperature rose throughout the day), but it was better for snowman building!

Glad we had all those bottle caps from yesterday's Super Bowl party!
After her nap, Jillian came out to play. I finally got a shot of her standing!

Ryan pulled her around on our makeshift sled (this was right before he turned the corner and she fell off face first into the snow!):

She cried, but got back on for awhile until she got too cold:

She did pose with Ryan and the snowman:

Later, we got more precipitation...big, fat handfuls of snow, followed by little flakes, then sleet and rain, and repeated throughout the afternoon. Ryan was delighted:

I think surprise snow may be the best kind!

Monday, February 01, 2010

100 Day Celebration!

Today was Ryan's 100th day of school and in Junior Kindergarten, it's a big deal.

Here they come...

They had 5 or 6 stations to go to, including a bean bag toss:

Musical chairs:

Face painting (which was the station I was helping with):

They got some fun "100" prizes:

All in all a good experience. As a math teacher, I can totally get behind a party for a cool number like 100!