Saturday, January 02, 2010

More Parties

Today was our day to depart Maryland for our journey home, but not before stops at two more gatherings.

First, the kids and I went to my friend Jenny's house to see some women I used to work with at River Hill. Jenny and Tori are both pregnant (Jenny's being induced Monday and Tori, later in January), so it was very good to see them still pregnant! It was a low key event (Di's got the group picture, I will try to post later), and Ryan got to play with Rachael's boys, Lucas and Nate:

Then, it was on to the annual Bonanno family Christmas party. It was postponed because of the big snow, and now we can go (but my parents and aunt in NC could not).

Jillian crawled around and met some of the family:

Then, Santa arrived and we all waited for presents:

Some of us liked Santa:

And some did not:

Jillian prefers playing with Mama, Daddy, and Aunt Katy:

And, Mom, Scott took these (and many more) for you so you wouldn't miss a thing:

Baby Jake:

Everyone watching:

The coats:

And the meatballs:

Aren't you glad I didn't include ALL the pictures he took? :)

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nanny said...

Thanks to Scott for thinking of us!