Saturday, January 30, 2010


When I awoke on Friday morning, the threat of bad weather had already closed Ryan's school. It started soon after, icing up our back porch. Changed to snow for about a half hour (unexpected), but then remained all day as sleet and freezing rain. Scott worked from home and we had a very fun day! Ryan and Scott went out, but Jillian and I waited until today to venture out ourselves. It was fun, the kind of snow that is crusty on top and you can walk on. Everything was a sheet of ice!

Jillian's first "snow" experience.

She even crawled around on it:

But then started getting a little cold:

So Scott sheilded her from the wind:

Some ice shots:

Ryan stomping the ice in the front yard :

Watching Ryan sled:

Our coaster got a hole in it last year and we haven't bought a new one yet. The boogie boards worked just fine:

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